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Color of the Season

Happy New Year! D&Co is focusing on some themes for 2022. Colors. Color trends. Color theory. Colors in branding. Discussions about colors has been dominating many of the articles we’ve been reading and sharing on LinkedIn and other social media.

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“Colour and I are one.” — Paul Klee

We are currently living through a significant historical event – The COVID-19 Pandemic. The schools have been closed since March 16th to curb the spread of the virus so my children have been home with my husband and me.

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Color Brand Challenge

The Challenge of Brand Adherence: Color

(1 of 6 in a series)

In this first post of the D&Co Design Blog, number 1 in a series of 6, I want to discuss what we do on a daily basis for all of our clients – following brand guidelines.

Every company we do work for has brand guidelines which pose the biggest challenge to the design process. Depending on how comprehensive those guidelines are can make the job of designing more or less difficult. Some brands are more successful at their color use while others have a hyper definition of their imagery, including photo and illustration style.

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