Happy New Year! D&Co is focusing on some themes for 2022. Colors. Color trends. Color theory. Colors in branding. Discussions about colors has been dominating many of the articles we’ve been reading and sharing on LinkedIn and other social media.

We just found this article by Creative Market. Introducing Our Color of the Season: Velvet Jade

We love that they are featuring this deep jewel tone green for the winter 21-22 season. “Our Color of the Season captures our nostalgic longing for harmony, comfort, and yes, a bit of glamour.” They have curated a beautiful collection of everything Velvet Jade here. I especially like the gold and emerald watercolor paper by Photohacklovers. Now I have to find a reason to use it.

Gold & Emerald Watercolor Papers from Creative Market

I imagine that this color would be great to use for a wide range of companies. Maybe a mountain resort where pine trees are peeking through the snow or even a hi-tech company that wants to focus on their sustainability.

We did our own search for velvet jade and here’s what we found…


Colorful Beetles from Adobe Stock
Iridescent Feathers from Adobe Stock
Winding Coral from Getty Images
Misty Evergreens from Getty Images
Twinkling Pines from Getty Images
Frosty Needles from Adobe Stock


Digital Wave from Shutterstock
Technology Circuit from Getty Images
Green Earth from Adobe Stock


Vivid Velvet from Getty Images
Sumptuous Silk Adobe Stock


Luxurious Jade from Shutterstock
Gilded Leaves from Shutterstock