From our point of view

Cognizant publishes Perspectives Articles in the Insights portion of their website. D&Co is tasked on a regular basis to create graphics to help tell the story for these articles.

The challenge with these graphics is that the abstract concepts and new technologies need illustrations that don’t exist. We like to use stock illustrations that can be pulled apart and customized to suite the very abstract and specific topics.

Visit some of the articles to learn more.

The metaverse in life sciences: Seize the opportunity

Say goodbye to the checkout line

How generative AI will spur a new retail era

Get past EV ‘range anxiety’ with intelligent trip planning

Below is an example of the original illustrations we used for customizing the graphic for “Say goodbye to the checkout line.” We had to add sensors and cameras to the shelves of groceries as well as arrange specific illustrations of people to interact with the copy.