Future of Us Cover

Rebranding exercise

D&Co was tasked with creating the new ebook template for Cognizant after they had a major brand overhaul. “Visual expression is critical to positioning Cognizant as a modern, global technology services company.”

The first step was to study the new brand to get to know it inside and out. They have 6 “building blocks” for creating all of their designs: Logo, typography, color palette, photography, graphic shapes and iconography.

Next, was putting a unique spin on this particular ebook to add a “Bauhaus” feel to the piece to match the content. We worked with another designer, Diana Fitter, to create a cover image that would satisfy this directive and maintain the intentions of the new brand.

The Bauhaus movement created a collection of radical ideas and visionary ambitions that were the very definition of innovation and optimism for the time. We believe the same energy is what will propel us successfully into the net zero era.

We used the new guidelines in choosing the rest of the imagery to “capture the concept of intuition.” The photo style is meant to inspire curiosity where a single image can tell a story. We took this to heart when developing this ebook.

To support the ebook, we developed a companion infographic and social tiles to promote this thought leadership piece. See the infographic here.

You can read the entire ebook here.