We are currently living through a significant historical event – The COVID-19 Pandemic. The schools have been closed since March 16th to curb the spread of the virus so my children have been home with my husband and me.

In an attempt to keep them occupied, I’ve turned to creating art with them. I chose a project from a book called Paint Lab. Lab 1: Inspired by Paul Klee: Mark Making is shown here.  I chose it so the kids, and I, would have quick success at exploring color and learning to enjoy our self expression.

After drawing the original circle and 4 intersecting lines according to the instructions, I chose colors that I am most drawn to in the background abstract. Once the paint was dry the “marks” were added as a textural layer. As I was painting, I was reminded of my college days as an art major. I still had a book about Paul Klee since he was and still is one of my favorite artists.